Thursday, October 06, 2005

OCD in overdrive

Yes. I'm still obsessing over that Google Groups/USENET post by fluffybrain--er, I mean, fluffydog. I essentially whined about how people can't offer constructive criticism or advice. Well, here's an example of someone who DID:

Excuse me, but $24.95 for a 316 paged paperback from an unknown author is about $19 more than I would possibly willing to pay. That and it's a PublishAmerica book, and from my research into that company, I couldn't purchase that book and still feel morally sound.

Good luck selling your book. I certainly hope you have many friends willing to part with $25 for your average length paperback.

Seems pretty harsh on a first read, right? Especially when he talks about "average length." Man, was my ego bruised. Oh, wait. He was talking about the paperback.


Anyway. Read into it a little further. It was because of this post that I went and did more research on PA (which I should've done from day one--duh!) and found all that juicy information. "Juicy," as in what came up the last time I had intestinal flu, but juicy nonetheless. Then there are additional posts referring to links on PA. Hell, there is even a new thread (still referring to Voyage) discussing self-publishing alternatives.

Constructive? Hell, yes. While fluffydog had to go on a ridiculous tirade about nudists (which I am one), with the occasional reference to former authors (etc); Michael and company decided to actually talk about something pertinent. I mean, geesh, fluffy, was it that fucking hard to actually use your brain properly?

Update: I think this guy likes to argue with himself or something. See Exhibit A. In this thread alone, he takes on the personas of: fluffydog, Robbie, Shamus O'Flaherty (I can assume this to be an accurate guess, because the name on the post says "Robbie" further on in the thread, but he SIGNS it "SO" like Shamus did)...and that's it for that thread. Three personas. Eek. Even scarier is when he insults Shamus as Robbie and signs it "SO" (Shamus).

Sooo... I'm dropping this thread. No futher posts will "discuss" fluffy/Robbie/Shamus/whatever, and I'm backing slowly away...


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