Thursday, July 14, 2005

The woes of a mostly good book

I have gone through about three quarters of the proof. There is some amazing stuff in there! I realize people might be saying, "well, of COURSE he's gonna say there's good stuff in his book! It's his book!" But I am my own worst critic.

Eighty percent of the book is excellent, then another ten percent is just good. Lines like, "Look! Aliens!" are classic (you'd have to read it in context). Then there's the general, giving a pep talk to his soldiers, and he throws in, "But we have a tank." Eurgh. Bleagh. Wurf! No.

My fear is that last ten percent that is really nothing more than cornball. There's more corn in some of this book than in the whole state of Iowa! And not in a good way. And I'm afraid that this ten percent (or less, perhaps) will drag the book down and it will never reach the audience I'd like for it to reach. Not so that I get rich. I'm a very simplistic person. A comfortable living wage is all I want. There are too many complications when you have too much money, and I don't want to become one of those people always worrying about my millions of dollars (I met a couple of them once). My big thing is that as many people as possible read this book and become inspired. That's what I want. To create inspiration.

And I fear this ten percent could kill that dream.

Well, anyway, I guess we'll know for sure sometime in September. Happy reading! Oh, and I figured I'd throw in another teaser for you all to read. It's the very next post. Enjoy!


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